For Immediate Release – August 4, 2015

(Toronto) Sapori International is heating up once again!

Sapori International is giving Canadian foodies even more reason to rejoice! Sapori, which encourages local production in their newest line, is known for its “old Italian expertise informed by modern healthy lifestyle choices.” Sapori introduced most of its products to great fanfare at the 2015 Toronto Food and Drink Market in April. As Chef Sauro Giannini said, ” “Every time you miss your Nonna (Grandmother), open a jar of Toscanini sauce and you will feel as though you are back at her kitchen table” . A shopper at the Food and Drink Market agreed, adding ” I thought, ‘How exciting could a sauce be?’ But truly, this sauce is fabulous. Reminds me of when I visited Italy. It takes me right back there.”

In the months since their product launch, new customers have been discovering Sapori’s offerings at a fantastic rate. They’ll be adding even more fresh, fabulous products soon. In the meantime, Sapori is proud to announce that the traditional taste of which they are so justifiably proud, has taken its place in the modern world and, will be available for order , on their brand new website – a virtual grocery shelf, to be delivered to the end user directly at the click of a button. They expect to be adding volume discounts and additional shipping options for an even more convenient shopping experience soon.

Sapori’s offers wholesale prices for the gourmet stores and restaurants that are their primary market. Launching today, the website is also intended to serve consumers who want to bring home the traditional sauce and other products that have the professionals talking!

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Tracy Lamourie, President & Creative Director

For Immediate Release.

May 26, 2015 : (Toronto)

Maria Gagliardi has been a professional photographer for many years. A quick glance through her portfolio shows her to be an artist with a very wide range, encompassing everything from fine art to fashion photography to the famous (Nelly Fertado and Maestro Fresh Wes are just two of the very familiar faces) – all arresting, attention getting images no matter the subject.

But five years ago, Maria turned the eye of her camera in another direction; bringing the viewer into some very different worlds. Creating evocative, sometimes disturbing, but always truthful – and yet beautiful – images of people; she empowers both the viewers and her subjects. Shining a light into sometimes dark corners -through her art, she deepens our understanding about ourselves and our fellow human beings.

The project began when Maria felt the need to photograph something REAL – and human. Not the often contrived, posed photographs of models and celebrities in their best moments, but real people taken in the midst of crisis, or transition. She reached out to many people rarely seen in the world of fine art, and never in a museum exhibit.

She photographed a hoarder; a woman that let her boyfriend put his cigarettes out on her back; a rape victim, and many others. Through her lens, the beauty in each of these people comes out, we see their humanity, she forces us to recognize ourselves in them.

Daniela Siggia, who was one of the first people she photographed, says, “It was right after my brain injury and my future was looking pretty bleak. …She really believes that humanity unites through our tragedies, our frailties and our faults. What she does is hold space for people to tell their truth and accept themselves in an honest way…Maria believes that once you truly accept a negative part of yourself, you can love yourself to transcend it – and she’s holding space for people to not only do this for themselves, but hopefully inspire others.”
In recent years, the social zietgiest has caught up with Maria. Now we see the occasional billboard or ad campaign reminding us that mental illness can affect anyone, we hear of organizations and activists attempting to reduce the stigma and judgements so often directed at the mentally ill, which often further isolates people and discourages them from seeking out treatments. In this social climate, Maria feels it is important to expand this project into a Gallery exhibit and event, and hopes to attract the attention and participation of potential subjects to photograph, sponsors,and organizations.

It is an excellent opportunity for organizations, businesses, and other potential sponsors who share in the spirit of her mission – to put their name on a worthy, empowering project that will empower those who have lived through mental crisis’ and inspire positive community conversation.

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Tracy Lamourie, President & Creative Director


For Immediate Release – APRIL 13, 2015

Toronto Manufacturer Sapori International Cooks Up Interest With Sellout First Run At Toronto Food & Drink Market

(Toronto,ON) April 13  – Sapori International understands today’s food consumer.  They understand that while people today are busy, they aren’t willing to sacrifice quality. They want authentic tastes – but that’s not all. People today demand not only an excellent gourmet experience, but a truly healthful meal, free of additives and preservatives.  Today’s consumer is more educated than ever about what to expect in quality foods. Sapori International responds with their fantastic new line of all gluten and nut free gourmet Italian inspired products.
In April 2015, Sapori International launched it’s new line, Toscanini, marrying local production that will be attractive to “foodies”

with old Italian expertise informed by modern healthy lifestyle choices. High end gourmet Italian sauces, pestos, and preserves round out the newest line.  They also carry award winning imported specialty foods like olive oils, pastas, and other delicacies made from only the finest ingredients.

Mauro Marchettini, a seasoned Italian gourmet food importer, and his business partner Chef Sauro Giannini founded Sapori International with one passionate goal in mind….to help busy people return to simple, healthy prepared foods, to present trusted products that would satisfy the most discerning chefs and also provide a simple, healthy, and delicious dinnertime option to busy families, including those with allergies and other food sensitivities.

​An employee

who works with Sapori, says : “We know that busy people would love to return to a simpler and healthier meal prep routine, but even for myself, by the time my day is done, I just don’t have the energy.  Mauro and Sauro create products based on the old Italian tradition of preparing foods and preserving them in a natural, healthy way, for nights you just aren’t in the mood to cook.  With our sauces and preserves, you can open a jar and feed yourself and your family, knowing that not only is the taste and quality five star restaurant worthy,  but the food is clean and healthy, too.  The fact that these foods are being manufactured locally is an added bonus.  ”

Sapori’s new line, Toscanini, launched at the Toronto Food And Drink Market at the Direct Energy Centre at Toronto’s Exhibition Place.  Their booth, decorated as a rustic farm store, manned by Mauro and Sauro with their charming old Italian accents and down home friendliness was an instant hit.  Shoppers crowded their booth, raving about the excellent variety of tasty sauces and awardwinning oils available for sampling with fresh Italian bread. It seemed that nobody who stopped to try some could leave without buying a bottle to bring home.  Sapori International completely sold out their first run !

“It looks as though a lot of Torontonians will be eating pasta this week,” said a local shopper while enjoying a sample.  “I heard someone talking about this sauce a few booths down.  I thought, ‘How exciting could a sauce be?’ But truly, this sauce is fabulous. Reminds me of when I visited Italy. It takes me right back there.  “

Sapori plans to spend the next months perfecting their packaging and design for the marketplace.  They also intend to launch a retail website so that consumers can order directly, in addition to supplying restaurants and gourmet stores with these fine products.

For more information about Sapori International and it’s fine foods contact :

Tracy Lamourie, President & Creative Director