Social Justice

Tracy is a human rights and social justice activist with a long history of work on various international and local issues – She has advocated on behalf of the rights of Canadians imprisoned abroad, she has organized actions in support of the LGBT community that made international media,  she has been involved in advocating on behalf medical marijuana patients, she was instrumental in unionizing one of the first call centres in North America – and is well known on the international stage for her work in prisoner justice issues, wrongful convictions and fighting the death penalty – she’s a Director of the Canadian Coalition Against The Death Penalty, which she co-founded in 1998.


Tracy is the Director and Co founder of the CCADP, which is a not for profit group fighting the continued use of the death penalty wherever it is applied. CCADP works with politicians and diplomats in Canada and on the international stage.  Tracy’s title with CCADP is Director – but her role is varied, including Strategic Planning, Liason with Government, and Publicist / Spokesperson. In her role for CCADP she has appeared as a speaker at York University, the University of Edmonton, and University of Toronto, and has been extensively interviewed and quoted in television, radio, newspaper and magazine stories in Canada, the US, and around the world. Her work along with Dave Parkinson, co founder of CCADP, was the subject of a 2003 CBC Fifth Estate documentary.


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