TV, Radio & Print

Tracy knows how to work both sides of the media.

She’s worked at various times as a  television host, television producer, and radio host.  She’s been featured in newspapers and magazines around the world, and because of her work against the death penalty, has been written about and quoted in many books and scholarly publications.


Tracy was involved in television production since the mid 1990s with Rogers Television in Toronto, creating both live and pre-recorded segments, both at Rogers Lakeshore and Parkdale Studios.  She also acted as a member of the Rogers crew for interesting political assignments like an interview with former PM John Turner, and providing some camera work for a CD on Canadian prime ministers produced by a University that had partnered with Rogers.

More recently Tracy and her husband Dave co-hosted and produced weekly news and community segments that aired on television in the Southwestern Ontario market )  throughout the second half of 2011 before their return to Toronto.

Tracy and her work on various human rights and social justice issues have also been featured on television broadcasts as varied as CBC’s The Fifth Estate, Court TV, A & E, CTV, and more – across North America. In 2000, ABC television flew Tracy to Houston, Texas to appear as the ‘expert opinion’ on The Debra Duncan Show (a talk format style TV show). 

Tracy has appeared on TV, been interviewed on the radio, and been quoted in print hundreds of times in her work as co-founder and director of the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty.  


This is a still image from Tracy on Court TV in 1998, representing CCADP.

In 2011,  along with her husband Dave Parkinson,  Tracy hosted and produced segments for television that aired repeatedly in the SW Ontario community of Chatham Kent (between the cities of  London and Windsor, Ontario).


Tracy in a still image from an hour long special she hosted and co produced on the civil rights history of SW Ont.

Specials Tracy hosted and produced or co -produced included specials on the 2011 Federal Election; on Giving Blood for the First Time, and on Black History and Chatham’s Civil Rights History.  Weekly features included such topics as cyberbullying, internet safety, abuse of seniors, a play the local women’s shelter was putting on, the 2011 Canada Post lockout, a local police chief for a day contest, community volunteer appreciation, a no kill animal rescue group and the local teenager with spina bifida who walked 24 KM on the side of the highway to raise money for it, the local soup kitchen, community members trying to raise money for an AED machine, a local sports hero, an interview with a star of Hollywood’s OZ The Great And Powerful , local visual artists, a picnic put on for newcomers to the country, and anything else we could think up of interest to the local community.  Tracy says : “ Essentially it was my personal mission to use the TV hosting platform I was given to highlight local good works and diversity in the community.”

A short compilation of my introductions :

View some of the segments at :



Tracy has nearly two decades of experience on both sides of the radio microphone.    In the mid nineties she was co host of 89.5 FM Toronto CIUT’s “Uppercut”, along with husband Dave Parkinson and others. This show primarily focused on social justice issues.  Tracy was responsible for researching, writing, and co-hosting, presenting  story ideas on air. Also conducted interviews with Toronto area political figures, activists, and other news makers. The show itself made the news a couple of times, for its coverage of controversial local issues, and was heard in the Greater Toronto and area market, and also “from Kitchener to Cobourg, from Buffalo to Barrie.”

For CCADP, Tracy has appeared on radio across North America and around the world.     To hear some of Tracy being interviewed on various radio shows including Toronto’s 640 AM, Co-op Radio in Vancouver, Talkspot international, and more ) visit the CCADP real audio page :

We’ll be posting as many links and recordings as we can soon, but for now here are some of her other radio credentials :

**August 25, 2013  CKNW Am 980 Vancouver Talk Radio –  Tracy Lamourie is a guest on the Sean Leslie show to talk about her work against the death penalty, and recent developments in the Jimmy Dennis innocent on death row case

***CHRW94.9 FM London “Between the Margins”  2013 – Tracy is the featured guest on the “death penalty issue” along with family members of death row prisoners.

**Tracy Lamourie appeared on CBC radio Friday, April 26, 2002 as a guest on BC’s Radio Almanac speaking about the case of Canadian William Sampson, detained in Saudi Arabia.

  **Tracy Lamourie appeared on UMFM 101.5 Wednesday April 17, 2002 as a guest on UMFM’s HUMANITY UNDER SCOPE.  University of Manitoba – UMFM 101.5 FM, Winnipeg, MN
**CHRY FM 105.5 TORONTO 5 o’Clock news : Spoken Word Director and News Anchor Neil Armstrong of CHRY interviews Tracy Lamourie of theCanadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty on the wrongful conviction of Jimmy Dennis who sits at SCI Greene in Pennsylvania, innocent on death row.
***1999 – Daniel Rojas of CKLN’s biweekly Prisoner Report,( a segment of The Word Of Mouth show) interviews Dave Parkinson and Tracy Lamourie of the Canadian Coalition Against theDeath Penalty on various issues, including the wrongful convictions of Jimmy Dennis in Pennsylvania and of Charles Raby in Texas, as well as the case of possible extradition of two Canadian Citizens Atif Rafay and Sebastian Burns who may be sent to face the death penalty in Washington State.



Tracy Lamourie has been quoted in many books and scholarly publications;  and the organization she co-founded, CCADP, has been featured in books of all kinds.    We’ll be posting links to many of them.

ccadpbook                  ency

The page featuring Tracy Lamourie and Dave Parkinson from “The Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment”, published in the US, 2000.  (McFarland)

Here are just some of the other  books Tracy Lamourie & the organization she co-founded, the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty are written about, quoted or referenced in :

Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States

Encyclopedia of Censorship

Canada US and Other Unfriendly Relations

Contemporary World Issues – Capital Punishment

Hidden Victims – The Effects Of The Death Penalty On Families Of The Accused

Mid East Meets West

Criminal Behavior – Typologies of Criminal Justice,

Tears From Heaven Voices From Hell – Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty

Coalition Building In The Anti Death Penalty Movement

Life After Death Row – Exonerees Search for Community and Identity

Serial Killing For Profit – Multiple Murder For Money

Grave Injustice – Unearthing Wrongful Executions

Prison City – Life With The Death Penalty in Huntsville Texas

Who Killed…20 Unsolved Cases

Prisoners Self Help Litigation Manual

Bridging the Global Divide on Human Rights – A Canada China Dialogue

Jailhouse Journalism – The Fourth Estate Behind Bars

Women Who Kill

Roots Rites and Sites of Resistance

Sovereign Lives – Power in Global Politics

Wretched Sisters – Examining Gender and Capital Punishment

American Gulag

Free To Feel – Art From Death Row

Compass – A Manual on Human Rights Education for Young People.

canadaccadp     book4

book12      book13



book8                                  book9

book10   book11



book21 book22


book25    book26

PRINT MEDIA  (Newspapers / Magazines) :


Tracy has been featured in print news articles across Canada, the US, and around the world.


Well known on the international stage for her many years of work against the death penalty,  she has been featured or quoted in news magazines and newspapers as diverse as People magazine, Germany’s Der Spiegal, The National Post, Spain’s iBrujila, The National Enquirer (yes, REALLY! ) , just to name a few.

Some of these news articles quoting Tracy about the work of the CCADP can be found in the CCADP archives at :   (click on the links at the bottom of the page to see news from 1999 and on)

more recently an article was written in the French language version of Vice in January 2013 where Tracy was interviewed and extensively quoted about the organization she co-founded in 1998, the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty.


She’s also been featured in news articles across Ontario for her local work  – some notable examples included her management of an NDP campaign during the provincial election,  community activism on various issues;  a “kiss in” she organized in support of local LGBT friends that made major media across North America – see “Occupy Timmies.”   As a well known local figure, even personal events in her life made the news –  (a break in at the  house share shared with her husband and children in Chatham in 2011 that made the news across Ontario because of her prisoner justice work, and news about an assault on Tracy and two other campaign workers outside the Chatham NDP office that made news across the province later in 2011 during the election campaign.

eg. “This is a community response,” said Tracy Lamourie, who lives in Chatham, Ont. and is helping to organize the protest with the help of her husband Dave Parkinson… Lamourie said the event is meant to be a “positive moment” to help educate the public about gay rights. “No one need leave our community feeling slighted or disrespected,” she said, adding that she hopes management at the Tim Hortons in Blenheim will “be there to learn from it.”

eg.  “The event was organized by members of the provincial riding association of the NDP in Chatham-Kent-Essex, but Tracy Lamourie, who is the campaign manager for NDP candidate Aleksandra Navarro in the Oct. 6 provincial election, said it was meant to be a non-partisan.”

eg  “Tracy Lamourie, who is in the process of adopting Butler- Henderson, said two motorists stopped the walkers along the route and made cash donations towards CK Animal Rescue. “We’re just so proud to see Haily rise above all the challenges she has faced in the last few years and to see the community acknowledge what a great kid she is,” said Lamourie.”

“Tracy Lamourie and the NDP Social Justice Coalition team invite women throughout Chatham-Kent to join them in reclaiming the streets after dark. ”It’s a teaching moment, No.1, and it’s an empowering thing for women,” said Lamourie. ..Lamourie is determined to take her experience and turn it into a positive experience for the community.”I don’t feel like a victim. I’m nobody’s victim, I refuse to be afraid,” she said.”  – Chatham Daily News


Spliff Magazine,  2013


Tracy has done some professional work in Public Relations for the emerging medical marijuana industry.   She is also an advocate of legalization for reasons relating to health, the environment, criminal justice, and policing costs.   She’s become well known in the local cannabis community as a result of her work, and was recently featured in an issue of the  Toronto based SPLIFF magazine.

VICE Magazine :

Tracy has been mentioned twice in Vice magazine.  Most recently as a campaign advisor connected to a municipal mayoralty campaign :

” ‘Tracy Lamourie is a campaign manager who most recently managed an Ontario NDP campaign in 2011, and she’s been involved in all level of politics for twenty years. Like Goodwin and myself, she’s much more than just a cannabis advocate and has skills to market a cohesive political message’ – Matt Mernagh – Jan 10, 2014



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